Channel & Product update

July to October 2012

Successful Story - G‧Sushi
Successful Story - Ramen Ganpachi
Successful Story - getgo fresh
Successful Story - Chilli N Spice
Successful Story - King Parrot Group
Successful Story - Hysan Place

Free Trial

A trial scheme is being provided for our potential customers in enjoying our service in free for a month (Two shops in two different locations). You will know how flexible & convenient that modern technology brings to you! 

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Its time to upgrade your DVD players to m2c Digital Signage System!!

You may currently using DVD players and a normal TV at your retail stores, for delivering your products information to your target customers. In this case, we are going to offer you a special discount to upgrade to m2c Digital Signage System for Full HD quality and better features!! For each DVD player you are now using, you can trade in your DVD Players and get a $1,000 rebate (per player) for upgrading to m2c Digital Signage System!! Furthermore, the collected used DVD players will be donated to approved charitable institution to attain a win-win situation!!

Contact our Sales Representatives and get the promotion before it expires!

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m2c displays designed all control and maintenance are done from the centre and can operate over twenty hour per day but without damage. 

Its multi-media compatible can diversify different interface displaying movie, picture, instant texts and sounds at the same time.

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