About us

Established in 2003, m2c Electronic Technology Ltd., (明希電子技術有限公司), a subsidiary of Walasey (China) Ltd., is an enterprise with investments from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Mainland China.

With twenty years of experience in designing DPTV (Digital Processing TV) and HD flat panel video products, we are now supplying digital signage system to the market.

Presently our company has operations in Mainland China, Germany, and Hong Kong covering activities of design, production, logistics and transportation, marketing, sales and after sales services in relation to our products.

One-Stop Sales Service basing on Customers Requirements

System and Product Design

  • Prepare an Analysis and System Proposal according to a customer’s needs and budget.
  • Fit the determined requirements by designing /tailor-made the systems, hardware and software, even provide advice and insights.

Project Management & Equipment Acquiring

  • Coordinate the involved parties to ensure a project is achieved as designed and planned.
  • Act as worldwide centralized buying unit and acquire the system components efficiently for our customers.
  • Turn a concept design into a practical system.

Training & Maintenance

  • Provide all training materials to the customers to ensure smooth operations.
  • Keep a dependable system through out its lifetime, maintenance service will be provided to carry out regular check-ups and ad hoc maintenance service.
  • Upgrade services automatically.