Bank, Finance and Money Exchange Store

Nowadays, more professional like is needed for the bank and finance industry in order to gain more “trust” from customers.  “Trust” is the major concern for customers to invest their money into your company.  m2c Digital Signage System allows banks and finance institutes to publish updated finance information to customers to build up a professional brand image.  Also, industries can advertise their corporate newest financing or insurance packages to cap their target audience’s attentions through m2c Digital Signage System.  Industries are not only benefit from generating more sales, but also entertaining customers whom are staying or queuing in their banks or finance institutes.

Advantages of using m2c Digital Signage System

Reinforce Customer’s Trust

With stimulate and real time finance information, customers can be noted what the finance market is going on immediately inside your bank.  More trusts are built for customers to invest in your corporate due to the professional image.

Stimulates and delight customers directly

Customers’ desire in the preference of purchase can be controlled and stimulated due to the attractive vision of an impulse from the dynamic advertisement.  m2c Digital Signage system provides services of stable and user friendly Content Management Server for users updating their information displayed anytime, such as their content of Digital Poster,  Information Checking System, real-time news, weather and time, etc.

Reduce the operation cost

Reducing the workload of the front-line staff by the centralized control system, the salesmen can concentrate on their sales.
Cost of printing promotion materials, delivery and inspection can also be saved by using m2c digital signage system.

Revenue Generation

Taking advantages of using m2c Digital Signage System, users can sell their digital billboard advertising spaces to supplier to generate extra revenue.

Reliable system

m2c Digital Signage system can be self-inspected each terminal’s operating status in case of any disconnection to server.  Stand-by mode will be activated upon any electricity disconnection.
Each terminal operating hour can be scheduled individually through the Content Management Server.

Product Recommendation

• Digital Poster
• General Purpose Display System
• Queuing System
• Event Display System


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