Hospital, Clinic and Medical Centre

To neutralize patient’s anxiety and enhance patient’s confidence in hospital, clinic and medical centre is the major criteria for the industry.  m2c Digital Signage System allows industry to broadcast the specific treatments, promote healthy lifestyle, health and hygiene introduction, updated healthy news through each area of the hospital, not matter at the door, waiting room or inside the lift.  Besides, through the digital signage display system, industry can also inform patients about the currently talk or seminar and invite them to participate in.  Through this dynamic display, modern and advanced technology impression, patient’s anxiety will be neutralized and will have much confidence in the hospital.

Advantages of using m2c Digital Signage System

Enhance CRM

By using m2c Digital Signage System, patient’s anxious can be neutralized.  The “Trust” is strengthened between patients and hospitals, and hence CRM is also enhanced.

Channel for education to the public

m2c Digital Signage System allows a good platform for introducing and educating health and hygiene knowledge, news and publicity.  Public health knowledge can be enhanced.

Revenue Generation

Taking advantages of using m2c Digital Signage System, users can sell their digital billboard advertising spaces to supplier to generate extra revenue.

Reliable system

m2c Digital Signage system can be self-inspected each terminal’s operating status in case of any disconnection to server.  Stand-by mode will be activated upon any electricity disconnection.
Each terminal operating hour can be scheduled individually through the Content Management Server.

Product Recommendation

• Digital Poster
• General Purpose Display
• Queuing System
• Event Display System


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