Corporate Company

By using m2c Digital Signage System, corporate can distribute their newest notices, information and messages into each offices and branches, no matter they are located in any area of Hong Kong, or even in the worldwide.  Information can be transacted through internet or intranet.  All of the staff, both are staying in headquarter or in each branch, can be updated stimulatory.

Advantages of using m2c Digital Signage System

Improve corporate governance and information flow

By using m2c Digital Signage System, messages can be delivered to all branches and each staff directly, without any distributed and noise.  The information flow is improved and hence the communication between corporate and staff is strengthened.

Reliable system

m2c Digital Signage system can be self-inspected each terminal’s operating status in case of any disconnection to server.  Stand-by mode will be activated upon any electricity disconnection.
Each terminal operating hour can be scheduled individually through the Content Management Server.

Product Recommendation

• Digital Poster
• General Purpose Display
• Event Display System


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