m2c Digital Signage

What is digital signage?

Digital signage is a name given to a number of various methods in displaying multimedia content in public environment.
Alternatively known as Electronic Signage, Display System, Digital Board, Digital Display, Digital Screen, Out-door Display, Dynamic Display or even Interactive TV Display, its networking can be displayed across numerous lift, retail chain stores, banks, travel agents and corporate headquarters to deliver informative and entertaining content to their target audiences.

Error Problem
You may easily find out there are a number of different signage errors as below in our daily.
Mostly, they are PC base system or DVD players which are unstable, high maintenance cost and stand alone.

Solutions by m2c

m2c digital signage system overcome on such constraints which can solve all the above problems and centralize control.
It utilizes the latest digital compression technology and high speed processors so the system is capable of delivering from DVD quality to High Definition quality (HDTV) video and pictures.

m2c Information Display System can be based on two solutions, USB storage or a network.
USB storage can display all the information in preset module. 
Network transaction can supply several flat panel Displays and update the information at anytime.

Through the internet network to spread out the contents to the client side displays, all the display contents are centralized at the center server.  Display contents will then be transferred to the client displays and stored inside at its own storage.  With the use of internet network for updating, the displays can even be installed in the commercial buildings and third party’s retail shops.