1. Multiple Info on One Screen
m2c SLD display screen can be split into several display zones for displaying various business information.

2. Multiple Form of Information
m2c Digital Signage System is capable of displaying HD movie, HD still picture, different size of texts and playing sound.

3. Internet and/or LAN Connectivity
m2c SLD Displays can form an information publishing network by connecting them to internet and/or LAN (local area network).  Thus, business information can quickly spread to every place where there is your target audience.  It is like a country- wide cable TV system.

4. Centralized Control
Centralized control of all m2c SLD Displays installed in different part of the country, or the world, can be realized, and the business information can be managed from one place (for example the company headquarter) remotely, via internet.

5. WiFi Compatible
m2c SLD displays works with WiFi. With WiFi, no other wiring, except power cable, is required, thus, provide ease for installation of the displays.

6. Interactive (Kiosk)
The audience can select the info they need through barcode reader, key pad, remote control, touch screen and etc, installed on the set.

7. Minimized Use of Man Power
m2c Digital Signage System is such designed so that all control and maintenance are done remotely from the centre, therefore, no human involvement is required at the display site (the shop).

8. Higher Reliability and Lower Costs
Because m2c SLB uses hardware decoder, therefore, higher reliability and lower system cost than any on-line system available in the market.

9. Easy to Operate
User friendly interface for easy operation.  An office clerk with basic computer knowledge can already operate the whole system which may consist of thousands of m2c SLD displays.

10. Robust and Durable
Metal cabinet and no moving parts (cooling fans or motors) inside, therefore, m2c SLD displays are robust and durable.

11. Displays or Boxes Available
m2c offers both all-in-one SLD displays and SLB player boxes for replacing existing DVD displayers.

12. Strong After-sales Service and Technical Back-up
m2c offers one-stop service, from project consultation, to project planning,  customization, installation, operator training, maintenance of the system, and after-sales service.