Digital Poster

m2c Digital Poster ultimately replaces static posters and traditional DVD system.  This dynamic multimedia display is developed in order to offer businesses the ability to display up-to-date presentations using digital signage, such as videos, images and so on.  A retail store, for example, could use digital poster to announce upcoming sales and events, while a corporate company could use the same digital signage technology to communicate company policies, future events and internal announcements.

Features of Digital Poster:

  1. Dynamic Display - grad customer’s attention and influence their purchasing decision
  2. Reinforce of brand image - Create and enhance brand awareness by dynamic and HD displays
  3. Less Operation Cost - Eliminates the high cost of creating and distributing print advertising campaigns  
  4. Revenue Generation - Sell advertising space to suppliers
  5. Wifi compatible
  6. USB Compatible
  7. Robust with Aluminum Cabinet
  8. Video Support, mpeg, etc.
  9. Static Image Support (jpeg, bmp, etc.)
  10. RSS support, instant time and weather display
  11. scrolling text support
  12. Company logo can be inserted
Applications of Digital Poster:
  • Chain Stores, Supermarket and Department Stores
  • Retail, Brand Shop and Shopping Mall
  • Restaurant, Club House and Hotel
  • Property Agency and Travel Agency
  • Bank, Finance and Money Exchange Store
  • Hospital, Clinic and Medical Centre
  • Schools, Universities and Education Centers
  • Corporate Company
  • Conference and Event, Exhibition, Advertisement and PR Event