Electronic Menu E-Menu

Adopted by digital signage system, restaurants, café shops and hotels can update their menus immediately into their different stores located in everywhere.  E-Menus in your stores can be scheduled or updated stimulatory to your customers.

Features of  Electronic Menu E-Menu:

  1. Scheduled E-Menu Content Display - Instead of changing menu by staff, you can schedule different meals to appear at different time on the display boards, such as lunch set or dinner set display time.  More effective for managing and centralizing control of each store.
  2. Quickly update of the menu - Best way to publish information to variety of customers, such as new arrivals’ promotion, promotions for seasonally events and activities, especially in the high density area.
    Some specific icons, such as “Hot sale” and “Out of stock”, can be added or modified anytime.
  3. Creative Menu Design - With customized menu design, users can design their menu layouts by themselves to match with different decoration of stores and different seasons.  Menu can be more creative and dynamic.
  4. Manpower is saved - Improve services – staffs no longer need to change of the menu, more time to serve customers to provide better services.
  5. Price Consistence - Price at the menu can be updated instantly in different stores, to reduce any contradiction between frontline staff and customers.  Service is improved and hence greater customer’s loyalty.
  6. Cost Saving - Without any printing cost, such as printing cost on menu, special offer leaflets, etc.
  7. Brand Image Reinforcement - Support for Green initiatives with paper less environment.
    Hi-tech impression to public with Full HD Emenu display.

Applications of E-Menu:

  • Restaurants
  • Bar
  • Café Shop
  • Hotel