Event Display System

m2c digital signage system provides a user friendly platform for users to update and publish their event schedules and details to the media.

Features of  Event Display System:

  1. Revenue Generation - sell advertising space to others
  2. Grab passengers attention - dynamic advertising grab passengers attention rather than a printing poster
  3. Cost Saved - especially on printing cost
  4. Minimize your manpower - with centralized computer control system, workload of frontline staff is saved, staff can pay
    more attention to serving your customers, i.e., service is enhanced and delight of your customers
  5. Maximize awareness of event’s publication, attract more participants

Applications of Event Display System:

  • Restaurant – such as wedding parties, birthday parties and so on
  • Education Centre – event timetable such as seminar, talk, lecture, etc.
  • Commercial Corporate Usage – time table of conference and meetings rooms usage