Information Checking Display System

m2c Information Checking Display System is a multi-function business information display system which can be installed in public areas to show your customers’ information or advertisement in the forms of text, picture, movie and even sound.  With a barcode scanner, the corresponding information will be displayed automatically after scanning the barcode.  Information can be easily obtained by customers.

Features of Information Checking Display System:

  1. Provides a checking platform for customers in your stores.  Customers can obtain the targeted product information directly without asking salesman, and hence they feel comfortable on shopping inside your shop.
  2. Provides detailed and interesting information to attract customers, such as the dynamic videos, Full HD Posters and the scrolling texts, etc.
  3. Enhance the desires in purchasing more.  Impulse purchase is increased.
  4. Manpower is saved, staff can spend more time in serving customers.  Service is improved and increase of sales.
  5. Interactive with customers, enhance CRM

Applications of Information Checking Display System:

  • Chain Stores, Supermarket and Department Stores
  • Retail, Brand Shop and Shopping Mall