In-Lift Display System

Lift, is the spirit inside your building, it conveniently drives and guides visitors to a particular area within your building.  m2c In-Lift System, provides a in lift display system with a well coordinated and clear signal inside the lift, passengers can update the information relative to status should be evident when, where and as required, on screen both in the lift and potentially the lift lobby.

Features of In-Lift Display System

  1. With centralized computer control, all status and information are consistence within everywhere, no matter inside the lift or at the lobby.
  2. Each screen will automatically update and display their particular status and information, in order to fit for each floor.  For example, the screen will display “1/F Chinese Restaurant” when it arrive at 1st Floor, etc.
  3. Diversified Functional – real time information can be inserted, such as updated company information, news, weather, etc.  Entertaining to your onboard passengers and those waiting in the various lift lobbies.
  4. Best place for publishing your advertisements, such as introduction of facilities on each floor, special events and activities, promotions and special offers, etc.
  5. Manpower is saved – with computerized control system, workload of front-line staff is saved and so they can pay more attention on serving your customers.
  6. Effectively Advertising – videos are compatible, an effectively eye-catching by dynamic advertisements.
  7. Reinforce of Brand Image – the m2c professional In-Lift System makes your customer experience more lively and memorable.
  8. Revenue Generation – sell advertising space to others.

Applications of In-Lift Display System

  • Hotel
  • Commercial Building
  • Education Centre
  • Entrainment Centers
  • Restaurants
  • Clubs
  • Government