Queuing System  and Information Notice Display System

m2c Queuing System provides a systemic auto electronic system to you, customers can update the queuing status by seeing the LCD display.  Besides, the system also allows users to design their templates flexibly.  Company logo, company information, advertisements, videos, RSS, queuing numbers can be displayed at the same time or separate it individually.

It is easy to operate by your staff, simply by inputting the number on the keypad, and the corresponding number will then be shown on the display board directly, no any specific skill is needed.

The system requires below 4 devices only.

Features of Queuing System and Information Notice Display System

1. Multi Languages
Support multiple languages, including Cantonese, English and Mandarin.

2.  Multi-functional Display
Multi information, such as company logo, date, time, weather and news can be inserted, to entertain waiting customers and enhance customer’s loyalty.

3.  Full HD
Support full HD display, ease to grab customer’s attention

4.  Customized Template
Users can design their own template, to match with their purposes of usage.

5.  Videos and Pictures can be displayed
Support videos and slideshows, especially for some events and parties, to entertain and delight your customers.

6.  Centralized Control System
With centralized control system, playing list can be scheduled.

7.  Minimize your manpower
With centralized computer control system, workload of frontline staff is saved, staff can pay more attention to serving your customers, i.e., service is enhanced and delight of your customers

Applications of Queuing System and Information Notice Display System

  • Restaurant and Club House
  • Bank
  • Hospital, Clinic and Medical Centre
  • Schools, Universities and Education Centers
  • Government