Vehicle Advertisement media player system

The system provides a movable advertising system for vehicles.  Updated information and messages can be delivered to your passengers even the vehicles are moving.  Entertains passengers, and brings a lively boarding memorable to them.

Specifications of  Vehicle Advertisement media player system

  1. Suitable for various display sizes on a vehicle, such as bus, taxi or shuttle bus, etc.
  2. Split-screen for different info sources and/or different media types
  3. Video, picture, texts and audio are compatible
  4. Full HD quality
  5. 3G network and/or USB connection for content download and instant news
  6. Stable and robust aluminum case for mounting on vehicles
  7. IP65 Approved
  8. Shock and vibration protections

Features of  Vehicle Advertisement media player system

  1. Entertaining the onboard passengers, bring a lively memory to them
  2. Instant information such as news, weather and company information can be displayed instantly
  3. Revenue Generation – sell advertising space to others
  4. Grab passengers attention – dynamic advertising grab passengers attention rather than a printing poster

Applications of Vehicle Advertisement media player system

  • Bus, Shuttle bus, Taxis, Trains, Cruise, etc.