Multi-Screen Display

The multi-screen display system (TV-Wall) is built around the new professional LCD monitor, which reduce the width of the monitor’s bezel. The width of the bezels between neighboring displays is a mere 6.5 mm, making the seams where individual LCD monitors join unobtrusive. This enables practical applications such as single large-screen video wall displays and creates new possibilities in presentation spaces not available using conventional approaches.

Having built a network-based content distribution systems, we offer optimal solutions to meet the needs of customers and their applications.


Special Features:

Enlarge function (zoom). (Up to 25 monitors [5 x 5 configuration])
Combining the optional Control Kit with multiple LCD monitor provides the ability to control all displays using a single remote control unit
High energy efficiency by controlling the brightness of the backlight via a brightness sensor to match the lighting at the installation location
Adding the optional Interface Expansion Board provides additional inputs, including DVI-D, component video, and LAN